About Us

Danvers and Jess have been working together on projects at the intersection of people, systems, and technology since 2008. Our time together is governed by our Most Excellent Agreement.


I believe that computation represents a fundamental shift in human capacity, similar in scope to the creation of spoken language or writing. There are innumerable opportunities to improve upon the primitive, yet amazing machines that we spend hours with every day! I'm currently an independent researcher investigating novel interfaces to make the computer a more expressive medium to help humans and computers think better, together.

Danvers (aka, Socio)

As an ecosystem-curious people person who used to be a startup CEO, I often play the role of conveyor belt; assembling and supporting project teams, bridging theories into practice, and porting ideas from one industry into another. I design motivational flows, engineer economic systems, and cultivate ecosystems with care for the human experiences inside of them. My personal project razor: can this project act as a fulcrum for social mobility and/or stem the tide of environmental degradation?